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At SaltPoolInstaller we only deal with  one item, the saltwater chlorine generator. We have taken our years of experience and concentrated on selling what we feel are the best products on the market. Whether we install the system for you, or you install it yourself, your equipment is covered by the best warranty in the business. Get the system your neighbors have been talking about.
The silky feel, the incredible clarity, and the lack of chlorine smell are just a few reasons to switch to a saltwater pool. When you add hassle-free maintenance you’ll see why a salt water pool is simply a much better system. Switch today!
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     We proudly carry and install the newest line of CircuPool Salt Water Chlorine Generators, the RJ Series. The newest CircuPool line boasts the longest warranty in the industry, and as you can see, it's certainly built to last well beyond the lengthy seven years provided.

     The CircuPool's digital control unit is jam packed with features and it's clear cell takes the guesswork out of knowing when it needs to be manually cleaned. Check out the newest CircuPool today!

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